How Make-Up Brush Backlash Inspired Kylie Jenner to Get In Touch With More of Her Fans

Kylie Jenner is a well-known television personality. She runs a reputed company, Kylie Cosmetics. But this prevalent company faced criticism from its customers, and the reason is an extremely expensive new set of brushes. Although the fans were excessively excited about the new launch, but the price has made them unhappy.

Kylie got criticism from fans from different regions after an extravagant set of 16 brushes got released. However, she has patiently listened to all the complaints and promised to take the right action on time. In her tweet, she has expressed her worries and regret the unexpected expressions of fans. She even cleared that the next launches will be at a lower price. She has also given an explanation regarding the quality of the brushes. She said to the fans that brushes are of exquisite quality. The products with this quality usually cost a lot, which is why this price is completely justifiable.

The problem lies with the fan following of Kylie. Most of her fans are teenagers & girls int their early twenties, and their budget doesn’t allow them to spend so much on cosmetics. They can’t spend around $300 just for makeup brushes.

Kylie is personally looking into the matter which shows how much she cares about her fans. She is keeping herself in touch with all these matters and resolving the issues too. To solve it, she is looking at various options, and soon she will release cheaply priced brushes too, to make it affordable for fans of all ages.

It would be fascinating to see what would be her next step and how will she manage her current situation.

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